Classiest Moment of the Night- Ted Lindsay Award

Colin Hanks came out as the presenter of this award.  After a brief moment clip was played on the screen, Hockey Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay came out to present with Hanks.  He deferred to the hockey great, whom the award is named after, and allowed him to both announce and hand the award to Carey Price.  Good move by the show’s producers!

Biggest Waste of Time Moment of the Night- The Social Media Wheel with P.K. Subban

Not sure what was going on here, but this seemed to be a “fill in dead air” part of the show last night.  One, the talk was of P.K. Subban getting a bigger role in this year’s show.  Little did we know that the role was going to be as Bob Barker in the Prize of Right.  Remember, that big wheel that Zdeno Chara’s size and contestants had to spin and be the closest to 1.00 dollar.  Ok nevermind?  Point is, it seemed like a waste of time.  In fact, they just spun the wheel once, or at least televised the wheel being spun once.  Just didn’t get it.

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