Here is your guide to the 2015 NHL Awards Show, explaining the various pieces of hockey hardware and the nominees for each.

By Patrick Comia

Sports enthusiasts, especially those of the hockey variety, clear that marriage anniversary, cancel dinner reservations with the wife or husband, and get your popcorn with your favorite soda pop ready, for Wednesday is the day of the 2015 NHL Awards Show.

It is the last official celebration of this past season, recognizing players for various distinctions such as most valuable player in the regular season, most goals scored in a season, and best general manager, just to name a few of the awards that will be given out.

The NHL Awards Show will be held in, yes that’s right, Las Vegas.

“Sin City” will host the event for the sixth time, Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm EST on NBCSN. That may mean we have not seen the last of “Doc” Emrick, Eddie Olcyk, and everyone’s favorite on-ice correspondent Pierre McGuire (cue the awkward feels).

It’s a merging of two worlds: hockey and entertainment. They work hand-in-hand, presenting awards to mostly deserving players that have encompassed that award’s attributes.

Think of it this way, it’s the Emmys Awards Show mixed with the sport of hockey. Got it?

It’s an awkward combination, if you put these two worlds in a blender. However, the powers that be at NHL headquarters want to promote the game and make it more accepted into mainstream society. That is probably the reason for the showcasing in a popular destination in North America.

This year, the festivities will be shared by two networks. As mentioned earlier, NBCSN will cover the main event. The NHL Network will do a pregame lead up to the main event, a red carpet showcase with interviews from the players nominated and any other person who was invited to the event.

There are 12 NHL awards being presented Wednesday evening. Here is your guide through the different awards and their nominees. We hope this will better inform which award is being given out and their meaning.

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