The Chicago Blackhawks have an opportunity to join an exclusive club with one more win during the 2015 Stanley Cup Final.s

By Patrick Comia

After tonight’s Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, fans may see history on their screens.

The Chicago Blackhawks have an opportunity to join an exclusive club and it may not be officially labeled to them. The name for this group is called “Club Dynasty.”

No, it would not be that kind of “establishment.” Get your heads out of the ground!

No, this is far more exclusive.

In the hockey world, when the word “dynasty” comes to mind, knowledgeable hockey fans harken back to the championship teams of the Edmonton Oilers (1983-1990: winning five championships in seven years), Montreal Canadiens (three separate eras: 1995-1960, winning five championships in five years; 1964-1969, winning four championships in five years; 1975-1979, winning four championships in four years), and the New York Islanders (1979-1983: winning four championships in four years), just to name a few.

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If the Blackhawks were to win this season’s Stanley Cup, their accomplishment would certainly give them arguments as to why they should be considered among this list.

They would have done it in the modern era, where parity is the focus among NHL teams. Basically, the NHL encourages that all teams have an equal shot at winning a championship by allowing players to come and go between teams. They are able to sign with any team after fulfilling their contract obligations, giving them freedom to see what kind of value they would command on the free agency market.1nhl2

Gone are the days of loyalty to one club. Players have various reasons to sign with a team whether that be money, location, or whether that team gives them the best opportunity to win.

It’s sad that’s the case. But that is the truth fans face when rooting for their favorite teams.

That’s what would make the Blackhawks’ potential championship so special. They’ve done it with almost the same group of players.

Chicago won their first championship in 2010, after 49 years from their last. Then, the team won it again in 2013. Now, they are in the Finals once again and on the verge of winning their third Stanley Cup in six years.

What was common about all of these teams? The core of players were kept intact. Starting with their captain Jonathan Toews, the list includes: Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, Brent Seasbrook, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Bryan Bickell, Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa.

Players have joined the party from that time, but the above-mentioned players have remained and provided a foundation on which the organization has built upon.

And the thing is, fans don’t hear as much negativity coming from these players. Sure, early in his career, Kane has not been the model citizen with his off-ice antics. Remember, he was 21-years old when he won his first championship with the Blackhawks. However, he has recognized his faults at an early age and taken responsibility for his actions. And, it is showing on the ice, his maturity.

For the most part, negativity does not filter out of Chicago’s hockey team. They could be considered the model franchise, which other teams follow presently.

Not just for their successes, but their controlled mannerisms on and off the ice. If they win the Stanley Cup in the next two games, it might be the last time we see a “dynasty.”

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