Prior to Game 4 Of the Stanley Cup Final in Chicago, actor Vince Vaughn received a unique one-on-one interview with Jonathan Toews.

By Patrick Comia provided actor Vince Vaughn a special one-day, all-access pass, before Game 4 of this year’s Stanley Cup Final.

You couldn’t have scripted this: Captain Serious meets Wedding Crasher.

It looks like Vaughn was more nervous around Toews in the interview. Must have been Toews’ intimidating playoff beard.

But it’s been known that Vaughn has been one of the Blackhawks biggest fans, holding season tickets and made frequent appearances at the United Center.

He’s also made it known in a few of his movies, The Break Up and The Dilemma.

Vaughn’s been thrust into the spotlight, and may have taken some heat from the Blackhawks faithful that news circulated he bought Tampa Bay Lightning’s head coach Jon Cooper and his large party dinner.

Per’s Luis Gomez, he reported that the Lightning head coach offered to pay Vaughn’s check Tuesday night. However, Vaughn refused and turned the tables around and said he would pick up the check.

Afterwards, Vaughn stood up and said, “I got his check. This is Chicago, my town.”

Can you imagine Vaughn doing this in real life?

When one reads of this, it spurs memories of Swingers, the scene where they are at Denny’s after a night of clubbing and drinking. Mikey just got a phone number of Loraine (“Like the quiche”, what?) after a night of dancing to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

[su_pullquote align=”right” class=”color: blue;”]“I got his check. This is Chicago, my town.”[/su_pullquote]

They are in the restaurant and rehashing about the night over breakfast. Vaugh’s character is so proud of Mikey that he stands on the booth and table and yells, “Mikey you’s all growns up, and you’s all growns up!”

Since Cooper is reportedly a big fan of Vince Vaughn, how great would it have been if he did that at dinner? Cooper may have laughed his head off and just said, “I quit, let’s forfeit and go home. I can’t compete with that.”

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