4. Experience

If there’s one negative that the Warriors have been labeled with during these playoffs, it’s that they haven’t finished off games.

Remember Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals?

Golden State enjoyed a lofty 17-point lead in the game which included a nine point cushion with only 2:25 left in regulation. By the time we got to crunch-time, it took a James Harden turnover as time expired for the Warriors to prevail by just a single point.

It’s completely in the realm of possibility that Golden State feels a little wet behind the ears on Thursday night in Game 1. While talented, the Warriors have never been here before.

Although, the same can be said for the entire Cavs team aside from LeBron, this is the NBA, where superstars are the team. James isn’t just their best player. He’s their coach, leader, heart and spirit right down to the core.

His NBA Finals experience will sprinkled up and down that locker room.