It looks as though Jordan Spieth is so damn hot right now that he feels like turning down a chance with Kendall Jenner is the right move.

By Robby Sabo

Talk about being the man.

21-year old newly-minted Masters Champion, Jordan Spieth, could possibly be hotter than he was a month ago at this very moment.

Of course winning The Masters at such a young age, Spieth has been on top of the world for the past several weeks. But this recent, stunning development involving his personal life puts the kid over the damn top.

Jason Sobel of ESPN recently reported that Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner once tried to set Spieth up with his daughter, Kendall.

Well that’s certainly interesting.

While 99 percent of the male population right now is uttering the words idiot, moron and fool, this guy presenting the story feels Spieth is now the smartest man on the globe.

Sure, Kendall Jenner brings massive amount of appeal to the table. At the same time, though, think about what this Kardashian Clan does to athletes.

Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush are just two examples of ballers who couldn’t deal with the nonsense.

Not to mention the fact that Thanksgiving around the Kardashian family table could get confusing at times. This is just another example of Spieth showing his worth in the PGA world with this revelation.

H/T BroBible

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