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New York Yankees fan, Richard Albero, just accomplished something 99.9 percent of the human race would dare not try.

By Michael Iuzzini

It was not until recently when I actually began to think of my own bucket-list.  Lost in thought, it was very easy to notice time has a funny way in moving at a rapid pace once you hit your 30’s.

After an hour of doodling, crossing off and adding exotic and historic locations I ended up tossing what I thought was a pretty solid list after reading the fascinating story of a New York Yankees die-hard fan, Richard Albero.

Image Via Richard Albero
Image Via Richard Albero

Albero walked 1,142 miles from Tamp Florida to Yankee Stadium. The journey took a taxing 86 days, but the man-made it there and back.

Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report covered the story on Albero and painted a heroic picture on the many events he encountered during his personal adventure to the stadium.

Image Via Richard Albero
Image Via Richard Albero

Albero dedicated the walk to his nephew Gary Albero, who died in the 9/11 attacks and also to the Wounded Warrior Project.

For me, it was a personal eye opener that a bucket-list is not solely about yourself and the things you need to do and see.  That if one puts their own ego aside it is wonderful what you can accomplish when your goal is to show your love and respect to the many people who sacrifice their own lives for us.

H/T Bleacher Report

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