7. The New York Giants

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is the ultimate survivor. He’s been almost out of a job twice and rallied to win Super Bowls.

Eli Manning is the only quarterback on the teams previously mention with a Super Bowl ring, which is resume enough. Then, there’s Offensive Rookie of the Year and superstar in the making, Odell Beckham Jr. The freak athlete made the cover of Madden and the True Blue fans will be worrying about the curse during the hot month of August.

The Defense has had problems in the backfield and focus will be heavy on staying healthy. Rookie safety Landon Collins might help all that. The Offensive Line needs vast improvements and this could be a pivotal year for the G-Men.

Although it’s a pipe-dream (as ownership would never allow such a thing to happen), and it may be a personal favorite to see, the Giants do present some interesting storylines for Hard Knocks come August.

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