Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are both now looking to see out their careers in the MLS, but what will actually be gained by their arrival?

By Connor Orchard

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

These are two names that any soccer fan from all around the world will know. They are both absolute legends of the sport and they are names that will live with the sport forever.

Gerrard made his debut for Liverpool Football Club in 1998, and Lampard did the same for Chelsea Football Club in 2001. Now, as they’re both coming towards the end of their active career, they have both agreed to play for different clubs in the MLS where they will most likely see out the rest of their career.

These two players are possibly two of the top personalities in the sport, respected by fans and other players from all around the world. They are also arguably two of the best midfielders that have ever played in the premier league, and the stats don’t lie.

“Steven Gerrard is the best player I’ve ever played with.” – Luis Suarez

Since making his debut for Liverpool in 1998 at the young age of 18, Steven Gerrard has played a staggering total of 504 games for Liverpool in the Premier League, and has scored 120 goals in that time, whilst also gathering 92 assists.

He won a total of 11 trophies with Liverpool and he is to date, the only player to have ever scored a goal in an FA Cup Final, a League Cup Final, a UEFA Cup Final and a Champions League Final. Gerrard made his international debut for England in 2000, and was made captain of the side a total of 114 times, before ending his international career in 2014.

Frank Lampard on the other hand, made his Chelsea debut in 2001 after being transferred from West Ham United for £11 million.

“One of my best players ever, one of my best professionals ever, a Chelsea legend and a legend in the Premier League.” – Jose Mourinho

He played a total of 429 games for Chelsea in the Premier League while scoring a record breaking total of 147 goals, with 90 assists to follow.

He was named Chelsea’s player of the year 3 times, and won a total of 13 trophies with the club. He is currently the record holder for the highest scoring Premier League midfielder ever. Lampard was captain to England a total of 106 times since making his international debut in 1999.

Now with those stats in mind, I think it’s safe to say that both Lampard and Gerrard won’t treat the MLS as a retirement home. They’ll most likely be complete professionals while keeping their hunger to win trophies with their respective clubs over in the states.

Since losing the likes of Thierry Henry, Landon Donovan and Tim Cahill, the MLS has lost a lot of big names, and has surely lost a lot of interest. But with the arrival of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, they will most definitely bring a lot of excitement to the league, and will also bring in a huge audience, as there will no doubt be Liverpool and Chelsea fans from all around the world wanting to watch them in action.

So what do you think? Do you think that Gerrard and Lampard should have stayed in England and continued to play in the Premier League, or do you think it was the right time for them to leave?


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