This Chicago Cubs fan knew exactly what to do when a foul ball landed in her beer. It’s possible she knows the game of beer pong too well.

By Robby Sabo

It’s a situation we’ve all seen. We come to the ballpark during a sunny day, not fully knowing what is in store for us.1mlb2

That is exactly the randomness we come to love about sports.

Speaking of randomness, catching a foul-ball takes the cake. Which is why any youngster who comes to the park needs to bring his/her glove with them. It is tradition.

Another tradition, whether it be at the ballpark or at the frat house, is to polish off that cup of beer if a ball happens to land in it.

Check out what this Chicago Cubs fan did on Saturday after a foul ball landed in her beverage of choice:

Now that is a fan I can come to love as I watch my team from my favorite seats.

Perhaps she’s seen her fair share of beer pong games in her life?