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Tom Brady’s hilarious new goal is 1,000 rushing yards (Video)

When you’re Tom Brady and already one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game, there aren’t many more accomplishments to achieve. So sometimes you have to make your own.

Tom Brady is 40 years old and still wanting to play in the NFL. Why?

For another Super Bowl title? Maybe. However, he posted his true intentions on Instagram on Friday afternoon.

While Brady has some miraculous stats in his career, he has yet to pass the threshold of 1,000 rushing yards. Right now, he sits at 968 rushing yards and he’s aching to get to that 1,000 yards.

His Instagram post also pokes fun at some of his fellow quarterbacks that have already had great careers thus far, including Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. He also uses his hashtags to call out Adrian Peterson and Von Miller.

But in reality, in what world does he need to do any rushing for? The guy does it all with his arm and has proven that he still has that ability, despite not getting any younger. Last season alone, he threw for 4,577 yards and 32 touchdowns, posting a 102.8 quarterback rating. In the postseason alone, he threw for 1,132 yards and eight touchdowns with no INT.

Even though Brady lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and backup Nick Foles in the Super Bowl this past season, Brady still managed to walk away with his third career NFL MVP award.

Brady’s impressive resume on the field has given way to his social media prowess this offseason, as he continues to poke fun at himself before the media gets to it. Remember during the NCAA tournament when he photoshopped himself into a Michigan uniform before the Final Four? Nice work, Brady.

You may hate him because he’s good but you can’t hate his sense of humor. He’s trolling himself before you all get to it. You’ve got to respect the dedication.

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