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Johnny Manziel trashes the NFL in court for mistreatment of players (Video)

While in court for his domestic violence charges, quarterback Johnny Manziel took the time to rip the NFL for the way they have treated the situation.

Former star quarterback Johnny Manziel is currently in court due to his domestic violence charges. While being there, he took some time to publicly rip on the way the NFL has treated the situation.

“I don’t necessarily always believe in what the NFL does and have a lot of trust with them based on past situations …” Manziel told the judge. “…based on other players how they’ve gotten treated.”

Manziel would then go on to say how working with the NFL and the NFL Players Association was a slippery thing for him. “My life is trending upwards.” The quarterback added.

After hearing this powerful statement, the judge told the former Brown that he is rooting for him in life, but also reminded Johnny that he needs to successfully complete his rehab program as a part of his plea deal.

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