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Conor McGregor Wants $100 Million To Fight Floyd Mayweather (Video)

The bad blood between fighters Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continued to build when McGregor named his price for the possible matchup.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather really don’t like each other.

Mayweather takes offense to being compared to McGregor and the champion UFC fighter just flat out loves stirring the pot.

Since then, the possibility of a fight between the two legends has been floated (mostly by McGregor) and for the first time the issue of payment has been approached.

McGregor is fresh off his historic victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 where he became the first simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history.

Not that Conor’s ever had a problem feeling good about himself, but now he must be feeling really good.


The Irishman was partying in New York City when he decided to drop his most recent Mayweather-related bombshell.

The current UFC Featherweight and Lightweight champion is looking for a big pay-day if he were to go up against the boxing legend. $100 million to be exact.

How will Mayweather react to this one?

Chip Murphy covers the NBA for Elite Sports NY. You can find him on Twitter @ChipperMurphy.