Via Vine, SportsCenter
Via Vine, SportsCenter

Take a look at this young Texas A&M fan as he furiously screams at Iowa State’s Georges Niang to sit down on the bench.

This kid is absolutely legend, and SportsCenter’s Vine account made sure it turned out that way.

During Texas A&M’s 72-62 victory over Iowa State on Saturday, a young Aggies fan was caught on camera doing one of the better heckling jobs of all-time.

After Cyclones’ Georges Niang committed a late foul in the game, this youngster took it upon himself to furiously scream “sit down” repeatedly at Niang:

With prime examples like this, the SEC will start gaining a heavy reputation for having a serious basketball home court advantage.

Kudos youngster, you’re a model which we all can look up to.

H/T Vine

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