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You’ve just made the greatest decision of your life. You’ve officially become Elite.

Elite Sports NY is a Digital Sports Media Publication delivering News, Views, Interviews, Real-Time Coverage, and Unique Commentary on everything New York Sports and Trending Topics.

ESNY is credentialed with the New York Jets, Giants, Knicks, Yankees, Mets, Devils, Liberty, NYCFC, Red Bulls and more while bringing you full-accessed AP-styled content.

ESNY is the most read independent New York City regional digital sports destination in the world (nearly half a million monthly visitors). The Elite Sports Regional Network is where the Diehards Come to Play.

The standard for team coverage today has drastically changed since the good ‘ole days. You’ll be reading some idiotic view about why something should happen only to see the name of the blog is as senseless as the writer him or herself.

ESNY doesn’t use fancy dressed-up blog names like “Yanks in the Yard” or “Gigantic Giants,” We simply deliver you, the diehard NYC sports fan, what you crave. We also understand what you crave because we, too, are diehards.

The term “Elite” refers to an idea about content. Only the Elite NYC Sports Minds bring topics to the table that are deemed “Elite” in the eyes of the NYC Sports Fan.

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