107 @LAL 127 F
101 @DET 100 F
@LAK 10:30
@ARZ 1/22
vDET 1/22
vCRE 1/23
vDET 2/23
vATL 2/23
2018 Opponents
2018 Opponents

You’ve just made the greatest decision of your life. You’ve officially become Elite.

Elite Sports NY is a Digital Sports Media Publication delivering News, Views, Interviews, Real-Time Coverage, and Unique Commentary on everything New York Sports and Trending Topics.

ESNY is, by far, the most read independent New York City regional digital sports destination in the world (nearly half a million monthly visitors).

The Elite Sports Regional Network is where the Diehards Come to Play.

Forget societal and political issues. Forget making a stand against this or that. While everybody in the world is looking to make a “difference” through yet another selfish “look at me” action, Elite Sports just goes about its business. We are the diehards that the mainstream media is scared of. We can actually break a play down and remember sports history en route to how we arrived here today.

This is a stark contrast to today’s sports media standards. Writers, analysts representing mainstream national publications wouldn’t know a Cover 1 Robber or the difference between Control and Command if it smacked them in the face. They only know the big names like Odell Beckham Jr. because, well, he is “cool” and dances like a fool.

Besides, it is the individual who quietly goes about his or her business and works hard every day that truly makes a societal difference in the world today.

The standard for team coverage today has drastically changed since the good ‘ole days. You’ll be reading some idiotic view about why something should happen only to see the name of the blog is as senseless as the writer him or herself.

ESNY doesn’t use fancy dressed-up blog names like “Bantering Blueshirts” or “Yanks in the Yard.” We simply deliver you, the diehard NYC sports fan, what you crave. We also understand what you crave because we, too, are diehards.

The term “Elite” refers to an idea about content. Only the Elite NYC Sports Minds bring topics to the table that are deemed “Elite” in the eyes of the NYC Sports Fan.

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You’ve now joined a community of thousands of diehard New York Sports fans who can’t wait to praise us for our brilliance or hammer us for our stupidity. Let us know what the real deal is with every article.


Welcome to Elite Sports NY, the company that is further Regionalizing sports media coverage by handpicking specific talent to speak on Local and National/Trending topics.
The regular standard for Sports Media Coverage comes Nationally. They think National and report National. Their so-called “regional” satellite websites oftentimes leave the diehard fan scratching his/her head. They don’t live and breathe the region for which they speak on.
At Elite Sports NY every employee lives and dies with the region of NYC. This means covering the local teams in the appropriate manner as well as touching on National/Trending topics the only way it deserves to be covered – the New York City way.
Join us in our pursuit to further Regionalize sports and cover it the way it was always meant to be covered: With a localized focus in mind.

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