ESNY Careers

ESNY Careers

If you are interested in any position (Writer, Editor, Social Media, Graphics, Video Production, Podcast Host, Video Host, etc.) at Elite Sports NY, fill out the Application below:

–Fill out the appropriate fields below.

–If you’re a writer, keep in mind what we write about and how we write. It’s very easy to tell if you’re capable of the type of writing Elite Sports NY is looking for. Opinionated, original, professional, diehard, personality-driven, yet, most importantly, AP-style journalistically-responsible sports content with an edge is what we’re after.

***Editors and Staff Writers are paid positions. Contributors gain valuable experience and exposure. The title you’d hold now and/or in the future is solely up to your performance and talent. Each individual’s situation is different. We understand that concept here and adjust accordingly. There is no incorrect way to contribute here. The person who writes one long-form story a month is equally valued to the editor who is on daily.

***Other ESNY paid positions will also be considered. These roles include talents that deal with Website Development, Social Media Expertise, Graphic Design, Marketing/Advertising, Video Programming and Public Relations. If interested in something other than a Writing gig, apply below by informing us of the specific role in the Title and/or Story Body sections.

ESNY Careers

***Any of the positions can include college credits depending on the situation and school.

***All positions for every category (team-specific category, etc.) are always up for grabs at all times.

Submit your Application through the empty fields below: 

***If you have knowledge of HTML and any other applicable codes, then be sure to show it off. 

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    A Little About Yourself:

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    Experience in Sports Media Industry:

    Title of Story or Podcast or Video Show:

    Body of Story or URL of Podcast or Video Show (You also may attach your story while writing "attached" in the field or provide URL to an example.):

    Attach Resume or Graphics Examples (Optional):

    ***EMAIL [email protected] if form submission doesn't work.

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