PointsBet Yankees Crowd Boost

PointsBet has quite the promo for its bettors ahead of the 2020 MLB season opener between the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals.

Quite the promo as in a “basically giving away free money” promo. PointsBet has not yet arrived in New York. However, since arriving on the New Jersey online sports betting scene, PointsBet has been one of the most tech-savvy, user-friendly, and creative sportsbooks out there.

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That promotional creativity is apparent with PointsBet’s Yankees Crowd Booster offer. Read on for more details.

Yankees Crowd Booster at PointsBet

Thanks to PointsBet, rooting for the Yankees to knock off the defending champion Nationals on Opening Day could be a lucrative proposition.

The Yankees, arguably baseball’s best team, opened as a stellar -140 favorite as Gerrit Cole makes his first regular season start with the club. But with this crowd booster promo, bettors are in line to take advantage of some serious value.

For every 100 wagers at PointsBet placed through the crowd booster promo, it will increase the price in favor of bettors. In other words, the more people who bet on the Yankees, the better the odds become. Best of all, it doesn’t matter when you jump in. Each player who gets in on this special is guaranteed to secure the final (and optimal) price.

This promo, which is capped at $50, will be paid out within six hours, if the Yankees win.

In order to fully understand the value of this deal, here’s some quick math. At standard market -140 odds, a bettor would have to risk $70 to win $50 on the Yankees.

Now, with this PointsBet promo, it’s a lock that the odds will climb above (possibly well above) +165.

Let’s use that number as a baseline.

At +165 odds, bettors would stand to receive $82.50 on a $50 wager. In other words, a bettor risks less to win more. And if the PointsBet community gets really aggressive leading up to first pitch, bettors could score the favored Yankees at 2-1 (+200) odds or better.

Not a bad way to build up the bankroll as sports make a roaring comeback starting Thursday night.

Other Baseball Promos At PointsBet

There are plenty of other excellent MLB offers available at PointsBet. You can “make it rain” throughout the remainder of the month by placing a $50+ pregame moneyline or runline wager.

Pick up an extra $10 in free bets for each home run your team hits. In other words, lock in a $50 or more wager on any team. If that team wins and they launch a few homers, that’s quite an added bonus. If they lose, this homer bonus can take the sting out of a loss.

These free bets are paid out within an hour of the game ending.

MLB Odds Boosts For Opening Day (7/23)

Finally, PointsBet does an outstanding job of providing both new and current users with excellent daily odds boosts across multiple sports. For Opening Day, PointsBet is offering up two such boosts:

  • Aaron Judge to hit a home run (boosted from +210 to +230)
  • Yankees and Dodgers both to win (boosted from +125 to +140)

And, as always, PointsBet has a slew of other insurance promos, bad beat reimbursements, and parlay boosts.

Click here to sign up with PointsBet, grab a $250 first deposit match, and this awesome Yankees Opening Day boost.

PointsBet Sportsbook

States: NJ, IL, IN, IA