Carmelo Anthony doesn’t like the Kyle Korver comparisons

Carmelo Anthony took to Instagram to laugh at the notion that Kyle Korver is a better player than him. It’s not wrong, but keep laughing anyway, Melo.

Has Carmelo Anthony watched any NBA basketball this year? Because anyone with eyes and a functional brain knows that Kyle Korver is the better player. Don’t get me started on their contracts and how much more valuable Korver is based on the fact that Melo is going to make a ridiculous amount of money next season.


But even if you just look at them based on their on-court performance, Korver is the clear choice. Melo is beyond slow on the perimeter and can’t keep anyone in front of him on defense. Korver has never been a great defender, but he can at least survive out there. Melo plays like he’s the guy that shows up at the YMCA in workboots and thinks he can cover the college kids who are just home for winter break. Get outta here with that nonsense.

And offensively, Melo should be the much better player, but he’s failed to adjust to a new role. Korver knows exactly what his role is. Spot up and run off of screens. Basically, just look for open threes and live behind the arc. Melo still thinks he’s one of the best offensive players in the game when he’s so clearly not.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Melo averaged 16.2 points per game this season as opposed to Korver’s 9.2 points per game, but it’s deeper than that. Melo had a True Shooting Percentage of .503 compared to Korver’s True Shooting Percentage of .652.

All the traditional stats are in Melo’s favor, but he’s so severely limited defensively and believes he’s the 2012 version of Melo. Conversely, Korver knows his exact role and he does it as well as anybody in the league. What even is Anthony’s role anymore? Over the hill superstar? Underperforming max contract? Old head at the YMCA that gets laughed out of the gym?

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