Knicks State of Mind Podcast: THJ injury impact, James Dolan stupidity

ESNY’s Knicks State of Mind Podcast is back yet again to discuss the impact of the Tim Hardaway Jr. injury, James Dolan and more.

The Knicks State of Mind Podcast did not have an episode last week, but don’t worry, Chip Murphy and Matt Castillo are back to with the latest on your New York Knicks.

They open the show this week with the injury news of Tim Hardaway Jr. Hardaway Jr will miss at least two weeks from a leg injury.

He will be re-evaluated after that two weeks but the injury can cause him to be out longer.

Chip and Matt discuss what his absence means for the Knicks and who will have to step up and fill the void of him being out.  It’s hard to fill a void for 18 points a game that Hardaway Jr provides. It will take a group effort of multiple guys stepping up to fill that void.

In the second segment of the Knicks State of Mind Podcast, unfortunately, our host has to spend time talking about the Knicks idiotic owner James Dolan. Yes, he is back in the headlines for nothing positive once again.

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At the Deadspin Award Dolan debut a song about the owning the Knicks. He attempted to be funny here but once again he failed. Chip and Matt shared their thoughts on this publicity stunt.

Chip and Matt do not hold back on their feelings on Dolan and Matt has an idea what fans should all do to get rid of Dolan. Listen to hear what that is.

They also go into the news of Dolan being tied to the Harvey Weinstein situation. He has been named in a civil suit for supposedly having knowledge of Weinstein sexual abuse. They give their thoughts on that.

The guys wrap up the Knicks State of Mind Podcast previewing the Memphis Grizzlies and Knicks game. Find out if the guy’s predictions for the game were correct.

Chip and Matt also introduce a new monthly segment where they will reveal the Knicks State of Mind Podcast Knicks Player of the Month.

The player of the month of November is Enes Kanter. Kanter averaged 14 points and 10 rebounds a game, whiling shooting 66 percent from the field.

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