Elite Sports NY Actually, You're Wrong! Podcast 3

ESNY’s Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz come at you with the hottest topics in sports in the Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast, this time with Kristaps Porzingis sprinkled in.

It is Episode 22 of Actually, You’re Wrong! as Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz are back at it again, discussing a multitude of topics in the world of sports.

Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast: Kristaps Porzingis a Top 10 NBA Player? (Audio)

  • Was the 2017 World Series exciting as the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers?
  • Why was Clayton Kershaw wearing a hoodie in game one of the World Series when it was 103 degrees?
  • Is Clayton Kershaw one of the worst postseason pitchers of all time?
  • How impressive was World Series MVP George Springer?
  • How crazy was game five of the World Series and how did FOX run out of commercials to air?
  • Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez the most powerful celebrity couple?
  • Did Brian Cashman make the right decision in not bringing Joe Girardi back as New York Yankees manager?
  • Who will be the next manager of the New York Yankees?
  • Will Tom Brady be the NFL MVP this season?
  • Will Aaron Rodgers return this season?
  • Could the Minnesota Vikings play in the Super Bowl in their stadium?
  • Did the New England Patriots make the right move trading Jimmy Garoppolo?
  • Were the Cleveland Browns lucky that their trade with the Cincinnati Bengals for A.J. McCarron didn’t go through?
  • Why do the New York Knicks players not know the playbook?
  • How much of a difference does it make for the New York Knicks when Frank Ntilikina plays major minutes?
  • Is Kristaps Porzingis a top 10 player in the NBA?
  • Who are the top 10 players in the NBA?

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Nicholas Durst

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