Knick State of Mind Podcast: Porzingis' ESPN Ranking, Jack Signing, Draft Lottery Reform (Audio)

Matt Castillo and Chip Murphy of the Knicks State of Mind Podcast are back talking about Kristaps Porzingis’s ESPN ranking and the Jarrett Jack signing.

Last week, the Knicks State of Mind podcast opened the show with the ESPN’s top 100 player list. We discussed Carmelo Anthony being ranked 64th.  This week we open the show with where Kristaps Porzingis was ranked which is 22nd. 

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Chip and Matt discuss if they feel like Porzingis should be ahead of players such as Blake Griffin and Kyrie Irving. Also, could the high ranking add even more pressure on him.

The ranking certainly indicates what has been discussed on the show before. Meaning that others would agree that year three for Porzingis is important and he is expected to take a big leap.

In the second segment of the Knicks State of Mind Podcast Chip and Matt dig into the Jarrett Jack signing. Was this a smart deal for the Knicks? And what role will he play? Find out which other Knicks point guard could be the odd man out.

Finally, in the last segment of the Knicks State of Mind Podcast they discuss the proposal of the new draft lottery reform. This reform is unlikely to get pass but if it does Chip and Matt talk about how it could ruin the Knicks plan of rebuilding.

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