Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast: Starting Eli Manning again makes little sense

ESNY’s Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz come at you with the hottest topics in sports in the Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast.

It is Episode 8 of Actually, You’re Wrong! as Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz are back at it again discussing a multitude of topics in the world of sports.

  • What is Steve Mills plan for the New York Knicks?
  • Which players on the Knicks Summer League roster impressed?
  • Who should the Knicks look to trade?
  • Will the Knicks sign any free agents?
  • Is Steve Mills going to be the Knicks general manager for the 2017-18 season?
  • Do all roads lead back to Isiah Thomas?
  • Can the Boston Celtics defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals?
  • Why is Gary Sanchez in the home run derby?
  • Who will win the home run derby?
  • What can you expect to see at WWE Great Balls of Fire this Sunday?
  • Who will win at WWE Great Balls of Fire?

Time Notes: 

– Knicks’ quiet offseason (1-16 Min)
NBA’s Conference disparity (17-22 Min)
– Home Run Derby (23-30 Min)
– WWE Great Balls of Fire (31-58 Min)

*Please note, this episode was recorded before Tim Hardaway Jr. Agreed to an offer sheet with the New York Knicks

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