Elite Sports NY City Speak Podcast 4

The City Speak Podcast got off to a strong start in its first week, providing listeners with an entertaining and informative debut show.

The goal of the brand-spanking new City Speak Podcast is to give sports fans what they desperately crave: an uncensored voice.

When something is bothering or exciting you in the world of sports, Emmanuel Berbari wants to hear from you. The podcast has its own phone line at (631) 606-0532, which fields voicemails throughout the week leading up to each and every episode.

City Speak Podcast Debut Show: Phil Jackson, Amed Rosario and More (Audio)

The idea is for the fans to control the conversation.

Well, the podcast got off and running in stellar fashion this week, receiving three calls from fans who went in vastly different directions.

From Phil Jackson to Amed Rosario to Water Polo (yes, you read that right), the first ever edition of the podcast gave you an idea of just how interactive and amusing the platform can become.

Be sure to give the debut show a listen, spread the word to everyone you know, and follow City Speak on Twitter and Facebook.

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