Actually, You're Wrong! Podcast: Beckham Jr., Judge's Chamber, NHL and NBA Finals (Audio)

ESNY’s Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz come at you with the hottest topics in sports in the Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast.

It is Episode 7 of Actually, You’re Wrong!, Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz are back at it again discussing a multitude of topics in the world of sports.

  • How much better is the NBA offseason than the regular season?
  • Was firing Phil Jackson the right move for the New York Knicks?
  • Who will be the next man running the show for the Knicks?
  • Is David Griffin overrated?
  • Do all roads lead back to Isiah Thomas?
  • Is John Calipari a liar?
  • Will Kurt Rambis remain on the Knicks coaching staff?
  • What impact does Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets have on the rest of the league?
  • How bad was the Ball family on Miz TV on WWE Monday Night RAW?
  • Is the NFL Network Top 100 list an absolute joke?
  • Will Brandon Marshall make a big impact for the New York Giants on and off the field?
  • What has caused the New York Yankees current losing ways?

Time Notes:

  • Phil Fired, Possible Replacements (1-14 Min)
  • What’s next for Melo (14-20 Min)
  • Chris Paul to Houston (20-26 Min)
  • Lavar Ball’s WWE Debut (26-30 Min)
  • NFL Top 100 (30-36 Min)
  • Brandon Marshall Impact on the Giants (36-38 Min)
  • What’s up with the Yankees? (38 Min- 40 Min)

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Nicholas Durst

Nicholas Durst is a sports media professional who has worked as an on-air personality and producer with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Bleacher Report, MSG Networks, WFAN Radio and MTV. He has experience in TV, radio, social/digital media, short-form and live video across sports and entertainment. Nicholas co-hosts The MetsCast and Actually, You’re Wrong! right here on Follow him on twitter @Nick_Durst