New York Jets: Rookie Minicamp Is Underway as Hope Lingers in the Air 1

The New York Jets have made a dramatic shift in their personnel, but what does this all mean exactly? We discussed.

New York Jets‘ CEO Woody Johnson in his 17 years has never actually fully ever hit the reset button. He’s given it a love tap before, but that only delayed the inevitable.

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The Jets have flirted with Super Bowl aspirations prior to Johnson taking over (1998-99) and after (2008-10). Now, it’s time to blow things up. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

Although after the latest Jets’ releases/impending departures, the Jets are expecting and hoping for the worst. While the upcoming NBA Draft had to rely on ping pong balls to determine the fate of the lottery teams, the Jets are doing everything in their power to increase those odds.

David Harris, the Jets second all-time leading tackler, was suddenly released in the beginning of June. While nearly simultaneously, Eric Decker’s future was revealed by general manager Mike Maccagnan.

Well not exactly “fired.” Of course, that apparently depends on the Jets ability to trade the veteran receiver, which seems like an odd strategy, as we discussed on the latest episode of The Jets Zone on Sports War Radio.

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The Jets Zone on Sports War Radio

But you aren’t only getting an article and a podcast in this post.

Wait, there’s more?

No this isn’t a CVS spot and no you don’t have to call within the next 10 minutes either. I spoke with the team reporter for the Jets, EA, Eric Allen, on The Score 1260 on Friday. We talked about the latest around the Jets and he provided the pulse of the locker room.

Spoiler alert, the pulse of the locker room was surprising to say the least, according to EA.

We discussed what the Jets are already focused on 2018.

In that season the Jets are currently set to have:

  • North of $80 million available in cap space.
  • A near lock for a top-three pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, although I’d put my money on the first overall pick.

Could they finally find their franchise quarterback? Will Christian Hackenberg truly “get a chance”. Who stood out at #JetsOTAs? And more fan mail via social media that Boy Green answered at the end of the show.

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