Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast: Interview with Former New York Giants WR Ron Dixon (Audio)
Jan 28, 2001; Tampa, FL, USA; FILE PHOTO; New York Giants receiver Ron Dixon (86) scores on a 97 yard kickoff return as Baltimore Ravens kicker Matt Stover (3) chases during Super Bowl XXXV. The Ravens defeated the Giants 34-7 at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

ESNY’s Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz come at you with the hottest topics in sports in the Actually, You’re Wrong! Podcast.

It is Episode 4 of Actually, You’re Wrong!, Nick Durst and Andrew Hershkowitz are back at it again discussing a multitude of topics in the world of sports.

Former New York Giant Ron Dixon joins the show this week to discuss:

  • Why is the NFL trying to eliminate kickoffs?
  • Having the most return touchdowns in a single postseason
  • Being drafted in the third round of the 2000 NFL Draft from Lambuth University in the NAIA
  • What was it like going to training camp as a rookie?
  • Why did former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel never get a head coaching job again?
  • What was it like interning in radio?
  • What has Ron been doing since retiring from the NFL?

Nick and Andrew then discussed:

  • Was Rex Ryan the reason the Nashville Predators won game three of the Stanley Cup final?
  • Is Albert Pujols not as appreciated as he should be?
  • Does Major League Baseball have a problem with marketing their stars such as Mike Trout?
  • Are the NBA Finals boring?
  • How could Mr. Met have given the middle finger if he only has four fingers?
  • What is the best part of the NBA season?
  • Should the New York Knicks make a trade with the Portland Trailblazers to acquire a first round draft pick?

Time Notes:

  • 0-9 min (Ron Dixon Interview)
  • 9-15 min (Stanley Cup, Catfish, Yeshivah Floor Hockey)
  • 15-22 min (Pujols, Trout and MLB’s star power problem)
  • 22-24 min (NBA Finals. 2 min is enough)
  • 24-27 min (MR. Met loses his cool)
  • 27-34 min (Knicks-Blazers trade, NBA Offseason)

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