New York Jets: Are We Good to Call Devin Smith a Bust Now?
Sep 27, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Eric Rowe (32) intercepts a pass intended for New York Jets wide receiver Devin Smith (19) and rolls into the end zone for a touchback during the third quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets finally ended the speculation on former Ohio State star Devin Smith‘s future, by releasing him today.

Devin Smith joins a long line of former second round pick busts in New York Jets lore, but this one is especially painful.

I’m sick of seeing other teams cash in on their second round picks while the Jets swim in mediocrity. Just because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s the long list of second round busts … enjoy:


2006: Kellen Clemens

A career journeyman backup who amounted to nothing. The Jets aren’t alone a ton of teams like flushing second round picks on project quarterbacks.

2007: David Harris

1,000-plus tackles, 35 sacks, six interceptions, a future Ring of Honor member and a home run. I guess every blind squirrel finds a nut.





2010: Vlad Ducasse

A raw athletic fiend with no technique whatsoever. He has kicked around the league since being a bust for the Jets, but has amounted to an average player, just not on the Jets.



2012: Stephen Hill

While his agent would like to say the Jets made the biggest mistake of their lives by cutting him, he still hasn’t made a catch since his release from the Jets. A guy many thought would be a first round pick off his “Megatron” like characteristics, Stephen Smith never developed. He was simply too skinny and dropped routine passes.

2013: Geno Smith

I think this guy can still be a player in this league. I also realize that I’m one of his only supporters left on planet Earth. The Jets threw him to the wolves and he survived and thrived his rookie year, despite the lack of talent around him. He signed with the Giants this offseason, but they’ve since acquired a billion other quarterbacks, so his future with Big Blue may be cloudy.

2014: Jace Amaro

Ah, yes, the infamous “Idzik-12.” A draft class that he refused not to make every selection he had and of course it’s panned out, right? Only five players remain from that class and most of them are on the bubble. The Jets thought Amaro could be the tight end of the future. But suspect hands, durability concerns, left fans burning his jersey instead of cheering him on.


2015: Devin Smith

I remember Todd McShay’s analysis of him: “best hand-eye receiver in this class, tracks the deep ball better than anyone I’ve seen, a real sleeper in this class.”

Now he’s looking for work while doing ollies on his wheelchair. Fumbles, injuries and more disappointment. The Jets deepest position on the roster could afford to cut a second round pick who couldn’t help out this season anyway (torn ACL).

2016: Christian Hackenberg

His story has yet to be written, although with this illustrious history, many Jets fans are ready to throw him overboard. Not so fast. He hasn’t played a regular season snap and it looks as though he’ll get his shot this year.

If he doesn’t? The 2017 season is a total failure.

I said it on my podcast, The Jets Zone, last week:

This season isn’t about wins and losses. It’s about finding out whether this guy can be the guy or not, plain and simple.

While Marcus Maye this year looks really promising, that’s one of those magical words that really doesn’t mean anything. He looks good in a t-shirt and shorts. Who doesn’t?

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But I’m optimistic that his leadership qualities can contribute in the locker room changing their tune and helping this culture adapt.

So as you can see on this fresh journey on memory brick road, things haven’t been rosy lately for folks on 1 Jets Drive. Another thing that this is for the Jets is Mike Maccagnan‘s first real mistake as a general manager.

He’s cutting a second round pick just two years in, and granted, some would say it’s better to cut your losses than trying to pretend things are okay. The Jets are very fortunate/lucky/good that they found some gems in Quincy Enunwa, Robby Anderson and Jalin Marshall (although he’s probably gone too) in terms of late round finds.

That marginalizes this bust by the Jets, but the fact remains if the Todd Bowles and Maccagnan regime is going to persist they need to hit on these mid-round guys. So far the jury is still out, but this doesn’t look good.

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