Elite Sports NY Unfinished Business Podcast 2

Your boy Ty Butler is back again with another edition of the Unfinished Business Podcast, this time hitting on UNC and Tony Romo.

The national championship was an excellent matchup on paper that ultimately was hijacked by inept officiating. There were a total of 44 personal fouls called. Meanwhile, in perhaps the biggest sequence of the game, the officials were nowhere to be found.

1a1aUnfinishedBusiness - Unfinished Business Podcast: UNC the Champs, Tony Romo at CBS (Audio)

With UNC completing its redemption tour, let’s rank these tours in order: Pats overcoming a Brady suspension and a 25-point deficit in the SB, Clemson defeating Alabama, the Cubs winning the World Series after being swept in last year’s NLCS, LeBron James and the Cavs defeating the Warriors and what UNC just accomplished.

Tony Romo goes from holding the clipboard on the sidelines to the broadcast booth, retiring after 15 years with the Dallas Cowboys. Is he a Hall of Famer?

And once again, Ty attempts to fix the NBA’s tanking problem with Boy Green weighing in on the potential problems that would arise with Ty’s plans.

Also, remember when the Golden State Warriors were supposed to lose the No. 1 seed? That was fun. Not only have they clinched, but they look as good as they have the entire season with Kevin Durant set to return on Saturday against the Pelicans.

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