By Paul Esden and Robby Sabo

The New York Jets aren’t in an enviable position this offseason with their offensive line deficiencies. How will they flip the script?

Earlier on our Elite Sports NY social media portals, I spoke about the issues that currently are on the New York Jets plate.

The hardest pill to swallow here is that the two most consistent things for the Jets over the last decade was the left tackle and center spot. While 10 years may not seem like a long time, that’s just enough time for erosion to take place.

The Generation-X Jets have been complacent over the years and now the new Millennial Jets have to pay the price. The Jets have had multiple opportunities to draft offensive linemen in the mid-rounds and have failed to draft linemen and develop them.

Good organizations like the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers can draft “best player available” and stash players until they’re ready. The Jets have drafted for need and forced players onto the field before they’re ready.

Because of those philosophies, the Jets are now paying the piper. They don’t have a capable replacement for D’Brickashaw Ferguson today nor do they have one for his former running mate, Nick Mangold.

Of course, the one NFL Draft the Jets would have a top-six pick in, there wouldn’t be a capable OL to take, which means the Jets will have to do their homework and try to hit another (Brian Winters type) in the middle to later rounds.

Speaking of Winters, the talent level at guard is excellent, well at the top anyway. Depth is lacking and has been for the last decade. With all the cap-casualty money that has been created the Jets would be smart to invest some of their tax refunds on the trenches.

It doesn’t have to be the front page signings. The Jets shouldn’t be trying to “win the offseason” anymore. The Jets need to focus on winning the day. They can do that with a Ben Ijalana re-signing for depth purposes. But don’t stop there, plug holes and sign swing linemen that can play multiple positions.

Next week, we’ll update you on some linemen that the Jets could target in free agency and later in the draft.

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