The New York Jets have a major need at the cornerback spot and they’ll have the opportunity to draft “the best corner in it” according to one scout.

In case you didn’t hear, Darrelle Revis was the latest cap casualty in the purge of the New York Jets roster. But even before that maneuver, the Jets were extremely weak at the position.

While the Jets reportedly are going to chase the big names in free agency, it would also behoove them to look at the NFL Draft. With the No. 6 pick in the draft, they could find the future at the position.

I spoke to one scout on my weekly New York Jets podcast: The Jets Zoneabout the idea of adding Marshon Lattimore in the upcoming draft. Here was his response:

“I’d love it, to be honest. There are so many corners, much like wide receivers. Where there is so many talented players how do you rank these guys? And then I watched the Lattimore tape. I said holy cow this is the best corner in this draft. He’s everything you want in a corner. He’s got the size, the length, the physicality, the toughness, the speed and fluidity covering routes. He can even cover the slot guys. Usually 6’1-6’2 guys are predominantly outside corners, not Lattimore, he can do both. He’s extremely confident and has the chippiness you want from a corner. Not afraid doesn’t back down.”

It wasn’t all glory for Lattimore. There are a few question marks. First and foremost is the fact he only played one season. He dealt with hamstring issues his freshman/redshirt years that limited his playing time.

That seems to be the only real concern, although hamstring injuries have a tendency to make frequent visits to your place like your in-laws. This season, he didn’t have any of those issues, which is a positive.

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The scout I talked to also said he was a “top-five player in the entire draft.” Another question that persists revolves around whether or not he’ll even be available.

The Jets better hope that quarterback-needy teams (Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears) decide to overdraft players. That’s how “Leonard Williams” types fall into the Jets laps.

Lattimore defines the Jets draft strategy. Best player available (top-five player in the draft at No. 6) plus filling a huge area of need.

Speaking of in our weekly Jets mailbag, out of the seven writers that participated, five mentioned that Lattimore is who the Jets will end up picking. What say you #JetsNation?

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