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Dan Federico and Brandon Estrict of the No Offseason Podcast discuss the ugliness of the Charles Oakley-New York Knicks situation.

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The saga continues. Why? Well, because both sides aren’t handling themselves appropriately.

From the outset, we all knew Charles Oakley would be the winner of the immediate public relations battle. The moment Madison Square Garden officials forcibly removed him from the New York Knicks loss to the Los Angeles Clippers last week, players, fans and basketball people alike would be on the side of the Oak-man.

This doesn’t, however, mean he’s totally innocent.

Several folks claim Oakley went to the game with a clear agenda in mind. We’ve also observed his behavior over the last decade and scratch our heads at some of the actions, words.

Obviously, though, James Dolan and the Knicks have taken a situation and made it entirely worse. Just how worse? Well, Dan Federico and Brandon Estrict of the No Offseason Podcast let you know in the latest edition.

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