New York Jets: Ranking The Best Case QB Scenarios For 2016

Bill Kostroun, AP
Bill Kostroun, AP

With free agency now and a standstill, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets still remain far apart. But is Fitz the best option for 2016?

By Robby Sabo

It’s now Mar. 21 of the new calendar NFL season, and the New York Jets are still without a real quarterback solution.

It’s a scary proposition for fans.

Frightening? Yes. New? No.

This organization has gone without a franchise quarterback for many years. In fact, 99 percent of football fans would proclaim Gang Green has gone without one since No. 12 was guaranteeing his way to a Super Bowl III victory – thus legitimizing the big game for the AFL and the world.

His name was Joe Namath, by the way. Just in case you were wondering.

So to say Jets fans aren’t used to this type of scenario would be quite foolish.

Nevertheless, it is a situation. One that has fans from Queens to Jersey spitting out names and numbers of anybody with a realistic shot to touch the backside of Nick Mangold in 2016.

The question we tackle today, though, is what’s the best case scenario for the Jets in 2016?

We rank them. Check it out: