The New York Giants take on the San Francisco 49ers in week 5. Here are some things you should look out for heading into that matchup. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

1authorvince2 - New York Giants: Gameday News And NotesThe New York Giants surprised just about everybody in last week’s victory over the Buffalo Bills. 

Personally, I picked them to win based on how they matched up, but many others didn’t feel the same way entering a tough Buffalo environment.

This week, New York plays in their home park at MetLife stadium, facing off against an inferior opponent in the San Francisco 49ers.

On Friday, I came out with my prediction for tonight’s game and it looked like this:

“The 49ers enter this week’s matchup 1-3, losing their last three games by an average of 26 points.

Yeah, it’s been bad.

Not to mention the league’s worst passing game, to go along with league’s most regressed player, being Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, gives the 49ers as a team the league’s worst passer rating (67.7), and it doesn’t help that he’s been sacked 14 times (tied for third-most in the league).

A far cry from someone who once took part in a Beats Commercial that featured him listening to the song “The Man” through his overpriced headphones.

At one point, Kaepernick was the “the man.” Because he was the only man we had seen bring just about every physical attribute to the table at the quarterback position.

Which even led to then ESPN sports talk show host, Colin Cowherd to call him, “the toughest quarterback to defend in the NFL.”

The biggest problem with the 27-year-old quarterback is his immaturity, and what looks like his inability to evolve on the field.

He’s worn opposing team’s hats, posted childish things on social media, and dresses like a wide receiver rather than a franchise quarterback.

Does this picture below look anything like a franchise quarterback?

Screen Shot 2015 10 09 at 11.44.31 AM 705x500 - New York Giants: Gameday News And Notes
Via ‘The Herd’

Gold chain, headphones, backwards hat, tattoos popping out, tells you where he’s at mentally at this point in his career.

Not to mention, he has directionless head coach, Jim Tomsula who looks more like the guy that fixed your toilet last week than a football coach.

I take a lot from body language, and both the coach and quarterback (the most important two people in any franchise) lack it to the furthest extent, and the results show.

I always felt like Kaepernick was Jim Harbaugh’s project. Almost like a dog on a leash. Without Harbaugh holding onto the leash, who know’s where he ends up.

Even with the Giants anemic pass rush (five sacks on the season), that has a lot to with the defense being the second-worst in the league against the pass, I still think they can fluster and disrupt the erratic 49er signal-caller.

Especially, if they can continue to stop the run like they have this season (allowing only 3.1 yards per carry).

Punter, Brad Wing has downed more teams inside the 20-yard-line than anyone else (12), and if the Giants win the battle for field position, I don’t see the firepower in the 49er offense to combat it.

I know I’m completely destroying Kaepernick, but does anyone else see the resemblance to Squidward Tentacles from the T.V. show “Spongebob” in Kaep?

Maybe it’s just me.

Defensively, the 49ers are pretty barren after the loss Patrick Willis, Aldon SmithJustin Smith, and others over the offseason.

They rank 20th against the pass, and 21 against the run. Being held together with crazy glue by their leader, NaVorro Bowman. Who is the only player on that defense worth noting at this point.

Trap games happen to the best of em’, but going against this poorly coached San Francisco team, with a quarterback who looks checked out, I don’t see where the problem lies for the Giants who have done the little things so well this season.

Giants 31, 49ers 17.”











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  1. you almost got that score right! The Niners are a mess….yes he absolutely looks like the SpongeBob character and shows no class or poise on the podium. People here in the Bay Area say it’s because they moved from SF. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but there may be some sound science to this. The Giants have just got them selves working as a unit after a slow start.