The New York Giants take on the Buffalo Bills in week four. Here are some things you should look out for heading into that matchup. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

1authorvince2The New York Giants saved their season in last week’s 32-21 victory over the Washington Redskins. But this week’s matchup vs the Buffalo Bills provides a special importance as well.

Starting out 1-3 could be a hole this team just might not be able to climb out of, considering the amount of key injuries they’ve sustained.

We already know the disappointment wide receiver, Victor Cruz caused this week (a topic that I addressed, that many of you didn’t approve of) by proclaiming he’d play, but then suffering a setback mid-week in practice.

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While, that puts a damper in the Giants offensive gameplan, they will at least be seeing third-round pick, Owa Odighizuwa take the field for the first time in his regular season career – he missed the first three weeks due to injury.

How do the Giants walk away with a win today? Well, they could do it a couple of ways.

Here’s an excerpt from my “New York Giants Week 4 Prediction” piece from Friday:

“The Bills have attempted the second-fewest passes in the NFL this season (78), which says to me they are putting quarterback Tyrod Taylor in a situation where he can’t lose the game.

The Giants need to put Taylor in a position where HE needs to win the game.

That obviously starts with stopping the Bills run game and forcing Taylor into third and long opportunities.

The passing game on the offensive side of the football, is where they could also take advantage of Buffalo. The Giants have allowed only three sacks this season (only five other teams with less), while the Bills have only totaled six sacks with their talented front seven.

The Giants may rank last in the league against the pass on defense, but guess who ranks right behind them?

Yes, that would be the Bills.

The New England Patriots realized this deficiency, which led to Tom Brady throwing the ball 59 times against Buffalo in a week 2 matchup.

The Giants should take a page out of the Patriots playbook (I’m not suggesting actually taking a page, or else they would be outdoing the Patriots at their own game. Yes, that was a crack at the Pats “cheating tendencies.” Although, I don’t personally consider the Patriots “cheaters” as others might. But hey, that’s another story, I’m no story teller).

Throw away the “balanced” offensive strategy, Tom Coughlin. Do what New England did and continuously throw it against this Bills defense, in the attempt to combat Ryan’s “disguised blitzes.”

A minimum of 40-45 attempts should be in the cards for Eli Manning. With many quick dump-offs to running backs and receivers, to epitomize the goal of the west coast offense.”

Let’s get into a few more quirks about this matchup on the next slide.











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