With Tom Coughlin now 69 years old, he can’t coach forever. Could Sean Payton be his replacement? 

By Vincent Rapisardi

1authorvince2 - New York Giants Morning Huddle: Could Sean Payton Be Next Head Coach?This is probably the last article you expected after the New York Giants first win of the season on thursday night vs the Washington Redskins.

But let’s face it, Tom Coughlin can’t coach forever.

Those that are great at what they do, prepare for the future and every possible scenario to follow.

Whether the Giants make the postseason or not, win the Super Bowl or not, the possibility of Coughlin leaving is pretty high considering, well, that he’s 69 years old.

So who’s his replacement?

For years, Coughlin has been on the hot seat. Dating back to the 2006 season, into the 2007 Super Bowl season, with many more questions that followed him years later.

During those years, rumors swirled that Bill Cowher was patiently waiting to be the team’s next head coach, with Jon Gruden right behind him on the depth chart of potential replacements.

Having both offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo and defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, it seems like the team has prepared themselves for a Coughlin-less future with the two as possible head coaching candidates.

So why do I suggest Sean Payton, you may ask?

Well, Payton was one of the many coaches the Giant organization once groomed back in the day. Starting as a quarterbacks coach, and then the eventual offensive coordinator of the 2000 team that played in Super Bowl XXXV.

1giants2 176x200 - New York Giants Morning Huddle: Could Sean Payton Be Next Head Coach?

Obviously, Payton still coaches the New Orleans Saints, but his job could be very much in jeopardy at the end of the season.

New Orleans has started the season 0-2, and a playoff-less season would be their third in four years. Not to mention an aging and injured Drew Brees, who many could agree is not the same player he was a good five years ago.

Payton was also in the middle of the “Bounty Gate” controversy, which suspended him for the entire 2012 season. You don’t think many inside the organization were a little perturbed on how he put the franchise in that sort of position?

It’s something that could definitely factor in on his future with the team.

Sometimes a change of scenery can restore the drive to build something new, and reset reoccurring issues.

Payton does have a Super Bowl title under his belt, not to mention an offense that completely resurrected Brees’ career.

If this happens to be Coughlin’s last season, and Payton becomes available, how much better of a replacement would you want?

Just some food for thought on a Giant-less sunday morning.

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