The New York Giants defeated the Washington Redskins last night to earn their first win of the season. Could this spark a run? 

By Vincent Rapisardi

1authorvince2 - New York Giants: First Win Could Spark Big Win StreakThat saying of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” doesn’t fit every circumstance. In football, a bad loss could linger and destroy a season with it’s lasting effect both physically and mentally.

Well, after the New York Giants demoralizing week one and week two loses where they held double-digit leads in the fourth quarter in both instances, their week three win showed resilience.

And Eli Manning is leading that strong effort.

Ever since the time management debacle that happened in Dallas, Manning has been near perfect.

In his last two outings, he’s compiled a 69% completion percentage (let’s also take into account the amount of dropped passes from just about every Giant receiver along the way) with four touchdowns and no interceptions.

In his last two games he’s registered a passer rating over 100, including a 92.2 QBR (out of 100) in last night’s win vs the Washington Redskins.

Quietly, Manning is leading by example with his play on the field, and if he was given more help by his receivers you could argue he has played near perfect football over the last two weeks.

It also can’t go unnoticed how well Manning has been protected in correlation to his interception-less season. Last night, he only took two hits, neither of which resulted in a sack.

In totality, taking nine combined hits on the season. Simply outstanding.

There were also a couple of plays the simply can’t leave my head from last night’s game.

One of them happened to be the Rashad Jennings blocked punt.

When does anyone ever see a starting running back on punt coverage? Not to mention actually blocking the punt.

It’s just one of those little things you notice with good football teams who grasp the full concept of team football.

The other play was the Nikita Whitlock hit on quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Let’s remember that Whitlock is the team’s starting fullback, who decided to run out there for a snap at defensive tackle. Resulting in a nice spin move and hit on Cousins.

Again, just one of those little things that shows that anyone is willing to contribute for the success of the team.

We’ve seen the Philadelphia Eagles struggle thus far, and the Dallas Cowboys are injury plagued, but what the Giants have going even more in their favor is their upcoming schedule.

The next six games look like this:

  1. @ Buffalo Bills
  2. vs San Francisco 49ers
  3. @ Philadelphia Eagles
  4. vs Dallas Cowboys
  5. @ New Orleans Saints
  6. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

All of which are winnable games.

You can never be sold on a Rex Ryan coached team being consistent, the 49ers are a dumpster fire with a plumber as their head coach, at the moment Philadelphia has been a train-wreck, both Dallas and New Orleans have injuries to their quarterback, and Tampa has erratic rookie Jameis Winston at quarterback.

There you go.

I just summed up their next six weeks with a run-on sentence. Somewhere my middle school english teacher is cringing.

In all seriousness, what I really like about this Giants team is that they do the little things well.

After being third worst against the run last season, they are now fourth best. Isn’t it amazing what coaching can do?

This defensive unit, although under-manned, just doesn’t make many mistakes. Their tackling has been immaculate, and they’ve set the edge on a consistent every-down basis.

They are playing assignment-sound football.

We all know the pass rush isn’t strong (only three sacks on the season) but they make up for it by playing mistake-free in other areas.

Steve Spagnuolo has truly made the difference we thought he would.

The Giants have finally finished a full four quarter game, and the positive effects of that monkey off their back could spark something legitimate moving forward.

We could easily see a 6-3 or 7-2 Giants team right before their week 10 matchup vs the New England Patriots.











Vincent is the Direct of Content – Features of EliteSportsNY.com, where he’s had his work shared by outlets such as Bleacher Report, Maxim Magazine and MetsBlog.com. He’s also conducted multiple interviews with professional athletes, while creating two nationally trending stories – leading to a mentioning on SportsCenter.