The Denver Broncos defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, proving once again that Peyton Manning has plenty of football left in the tank. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

Peyton Manning: Stop Calling Him Washed UpWhen you call Peyton Manning washed up, what exactly do you mean?

Are you saying he’ll all of a sudden go from the five-time league MVP that he is, to a mere backup quarterback option?

That he’ll throw more interceptions than touchdowns?

What are you pointing to?

Yes, we’ve all seen his arm strength decline. There’s no question about that. His mobility is also an issue, but so is Eli Manning’s, Joe Flacco’s, Philip Rivers’ and many others.

But I can think of 20-25 teams that have unstable quarterback play that would take him on their own roster any day of the week.

Let’s remember that he threw 39 touchdown passes last season, while registering a passer rating over 100. We know he struggled in the final quarter of the 2014 regular season – just three touchdowns and six interceptions. But every player goes through a bump in the road.

Remember when many thought Tom Brady was finished after the New England Patriots slow start to last season? How’d that theory workout?

Manning is as big a competitor as the game has, and is as sharp mentally as any player or coach for that matter, in all of football.

It’s not like his neck procedure happened yesterday.

He’s had to deal with decreased arm strength during his three-plus years with the Denver Broncos. A stretch where he has statistically played the best football of his career – including breaking the single-season NFL record for touchdown passes in 2013.

He’s also beginning to learn head coach Gary Kubiak‘s new offense. An offense that takes some control out of his hands that he’s normally had in his career.

Why would Denver change their offense when they’ve been so prolific under Manning? Not sure.

Early on in last night’s game vs the Kansas City Chiefs, the team trailed by 14 points and decided to ditch Kubiak’s style (more run oriented, centered around setting up the play action pass).

The offense began to look like something we had seen the past three seasons in Denver, as Manning finally began to play his style of football. Running plays out of the shotgun formation, which suits him best at this point in his career to get the ball out quick with a Broncos offensive line that is in shambles.

Proving that a system change has clearly led to some early struggles.

People also need to understand that Denver has played both Kansas City and Baltimore the first two weeks of the season, who field excellent front sevens on defense. It’s not like they played Oakland and Washington.

Naturally, anyone at age 39, will lose a step in professional sports. That’s just how it goes. But, the media has made it out to be as though he’s no longer a viable quarterback option any longer.

I would cool it on that thought.

I do think this is Manning’s last year, and I do feel as though his numbers will drop. But so what? He’s still capable of throwing 25-30 touchdown passes, and helping the Broncos win 11-12 games.

That’s a GREAT season for many other quarterbacks – his brother, Romo, Flacco, Rivers, etc. – that many consider elite.

I simply don’t see the problem.

It’s time to put this argument to rest.

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