After telling the media he was told not to score in the closing moments of a week one loss against the Dallas Cowboys, Rashad Jennings has apologized. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

New York Giants Morning Huddle: Rashad Jennings ApologizesEveryone appreciates those that come clean. Remember when former New York Yankees pitcher, Andy Pettitte admitted years back he took performance enhancing drugs?

He didn’t drag it on to prove his innocence through lying. He simply came clean, and to be honest, I think most people forgot he ever used PED’s because of it.

Nobody forgets the lying acts of Mark Mcgwire, Rafael Palmeiro, and others.

This isn’t exactly at the same magnitude of Pettitte’s problem, but New York Giants running back, Rashad Jennings has issued an apology to both his coach and quarterback following his postgame comments.

Jennings told the media following the team’s week one loss that he was “told not to score.”

That eventually led to quarterback, Eli Manning coming out and telling everyone he was the one who told Jennings not to score.

Well, Jennings felt a bit bad for putting his quarterback on blast, so he decided to issue an apology through the New York Post, where he writes a guest column every week:

“I hope that those who have come to know me over the years will readily see that this is something that is uncharacteristic of me. I take full ownership of the fact that I didn’t handle things as I should have. And for that, again, I truly apologize to my quarterback, to my coach, to my team, and to our fans.”

Very class move on Jennings’ behalf, and it definitely displays a sense of team unity any coach would wish to see in their ball club.

After a week of turmoil for this Giants organization, let’s see if actions likes these provide a spark moving forward into their week two matchup vs the Atlanta Falcons.











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