In our first ever segment of “The Morning Huddle With The New York Giants” I will discuss JPP’s contract and projected return date, the sudden death of former Giant Tyler Sash, and the recent roster moves the team has made. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

The Morning Huddle: When Will JPP Play?So this is a new segment I like to call “The Morning Huddle With The New York Giants.” Basically, this will be a piece done every morning to recap and comment on what happen the day before in Giants football. While, also looking ahead to what we should expect moving forward.

At times, I will be posting a YouTube video to go along with my written piece as another way to explain my thoughts with you guys.

Expect to see links to other work we have posted here on, as well as commentary on news topics related to the New York Giants.

Let’s get started, shall we?











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