I’m not saying I disagree with the New York Giants’ latest roster moves, all I’m saying is that it could lead to the end of the current regime. 

By Vincent Rapisardi

New York Giants: Roster Moves Could Be The Demise Of The Current RegimeI feel as though my job as a writer is to give you, the reader, a situation you didn’t think of, or something you didn’t want to think of.

Getting blasted on Facebook in the comment section isn’t my concern. Those don’t bother me.

You can call me “clueless” and tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m still going to write.

I’ve watched the New York Giants for years, but my analysis isn’t a fan’s take, it’s just what I see.

This current Giants roster is still one with a lot of growth to be done. A roster that quite frankly, could very well be built for a future head coaching/general managing regime.

The 2014 draft is where things changed for this current regime. Drafting a player in every round that held a captain’s status at their school. High character individuals with less of a  chance to bust.

The days of Marvin Austin or Adrien Robinson were over in their mind. No longer were they going to take on “projects.”

Smart, young, versatile, high character, less expensive, is what they want to see in their current roster. And it showed in saturday’s cuts.

Here are some notable names the team released:

  1. Fullback, Henry Hynoski
  2. Linebacker, Jameel McClain
  3. Tight end, Adrien Robinson
  4. Wide Receiver, James Jones
  5. Safety, Jeromy Miles
  6. Punter, Steve Weatherford (cut Friday)

In this group we see the loss of veteran players. Cap space was also freed, with players who can’t contribute on special teams effectively, if at all – obviously special teams being one of the biggest downfalls of this team for years.

But this roster is still clearly in transition mode. Sorry, this just isn’t a roster that will be contending for a title this season. Too many unproven parts.

Could letting go players like Weatherford, Hynoski, Antrel Rolle in free agency, be a process of getting rid of complacent players?

It’s natural for anyone who has achieved success to take a more relaxed approach. Especially one’s who have won a Super Bowl like the aforementioned.

The moves of keeping Nikita Whitlock, Geremy Davis, and Uani Unga are not only special teams upgrades, but it also presents a new phase of Giants football. A youth movement, that may not contribute to instant team success, but over time will show it’s worth.

These are “on the bubble” type players. All of whom are hungry for a chance to play and make an impact.

The problem is, this transformation will take beyond this season. I understand the younger/hungrier/cheaper way of constructing a roster. I totally do. But if there’s one thing head coach Tom Coughlin and general manager Jerry Reese don’t have, it’s time.

Another year without the postseason looks like the end for the both of them.

It’s huge risk to take, and that’s why I preached for the trade of Seattle Seahawks safety, Kam Chancellor.

The asking price is a first-round pick and more, plus a new contract. Which is a very hefty price.

I get it.

I also understand that defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, has relished his front seven more than an elite secondary.

But Chancellor’s ability to play in the box and act as a linebacker gives him another component. His physicality and ability to cover the tight end is another facet, along with his special teams prowess. Not to mention he’s only 27-years-old.

Some people have made a big deal that he plays the same position as Landon Collins. Well, the Giants made the call to the Seahawks for Chancellor, so they must have a plan if they had both of them in the same secondary, as well as a plan for his contract situation.

The Reese/Coughlin era is hanging on by a thread. A trade for Chancellor changes the mindset of the organization to a “win now” mode.

Attitude is everything.

Not to switch sports on you, but the Toronto Blue Jays acquired former Cy Young Award winner, David Price at the trading deadline this season. People inside the Blue Jays locker room said it completely changed the atmosphere.

They now had an ace who they could trust in a big game. Something they didn’t have before.

Since the trade, they’ve been one of the hottest teams in baseball. Taking over first place in their division.

A trade for Chancellor would do very much the same for the Giants.

I also understand that Chancellor himself is a Super Bowl champion, but I don’t see the complacent argument working for him. In his mind, he’s still trying to earn a bigger contract extension. Changing scenery to a proud organization like the Giants also adds an extra incentive to play well.

New York Giants: Roster Moves Could Be The Demise Of The Current Regime

If they pass on Chancellor and head into the season with the current secondary they have, I think it sends a much different message.

One that I’m not completely opposed to, because let’s be real, the asking price is extremely high for Chancellor.

I could understand the team not pulling the trigger on a deal.

The current roster as it is though, looks very much like one with the future in mind hoping for success this season, but realistically knowing it won’t happen.

They can step away from the deal, but I fear stepping away from a trade for Chancellor also sends the message the team may be preparing for the next head coach and general manager. Along with many other moves over the past few months that have supported that theory.

It will certainly be interesting if the Giants go out of their comfort zone and send high draft picks for a current player.


Planning for the future is never a bad thing, I’m just warning you it could be with different people in charge if it takes beyond this season to workout.

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Vincent is the Direct of Content – Features of EliteSportsNY.com, where he’s had his work shared by outlets such as Bleacher Report, Maxim Magazine and MetsBlog.com. He’s also conducted multiple interviews with professional athletes, while creating two nationally trending stories – leading to a mentioning on SportsCenter.


  1. We will be fine and we will contend in the playoffs this year….your opinion is your opinion….and you are clueless especially thinking that we should sign Kam Chancellor….that sign would be to expensive even though it would be a good fit for our defense. The front office is the ones at practice evaluating the talent and bringing guys in…I have total faith in the moves we made and this regime will not end….at least not this year. You sports writers kill me with you stupid talk but then look like an ass when your wrong….you dumb ass writers always looking for something or someone to write about