5 @SEA 1 F _______________
7 vOAK 5 F _______________
vCHI 2:00 _______________
@MIN 4:00 _______________
vPIT 8/11 _______________
vTEN 8/12 _______________
Ntilikina at 8 _______________
J.Allen at 22 _______________
Shatty Inked _______________
Eberle Here _______________
Hischier at 1 _______________
Schedule ______________

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***Other ESNY paid positions will also be considered. These roles include talents that deal with Website Development, Social Media Expertise, Graphic Design, Marketing/Advertising, Video Programming and Public Relations. If you are interested in something other than a Writing gig, apply below with the role you’re interested in the Title and Body of the Story text areas.

***If you’re interested in writing or contributing, but not yet ready to make the official plunge, you can always submit a Community Post to be published right here on Elite Sports NY and seen by the world.

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