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It’s finally here. Super Bowl 50 will be played between Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos and Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers.

At one point or tonight, certain players on the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will wake up in their comfy hotel beds with panic in their chest and a cold sweat dripping down their face.

For those it’ll happen to will suddenly realize what looms: Super Bowl 50, an event for which every play, every camera angle, every body language sign would be heavily scrutinized by everybody.

It will be one of the biggest days of their lives. The entire world will be watching.

No pressure.

No pressure at all.

Well, no pressure for us at least. We get the comfy job of picking the winners and playing the fun role as predictors.

And we also won’t have any trouble sleeping tonight.

Here are the brilliant, yet probably so incorrect Elite Sports NY Staff Picks for Super Bowl 50:

Robby Sabo

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorrob3Denver Broncos 23, Carolina Panthers 19

MVP: Aqib Talib (CB-DEN)

Going into the playoffs I had the Broncos beating out the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 50, exacting revenge for the humiliating loss they suffered at the Meadowlands two seasons ago. So, I feel an obligation to stick with the pick.

Regardless, I feel comfortable the Broncos will win a tight, low-scoring game that’ll make defensive diehards grin from ear-to-ear. Although it’s scary to understand how dominant the Panthers are in the trenches on each line, the Broncos defense led by Wade Phillips was the best unit in football going into the tournament, and they remain so.

Watch for Aqib Talib to take a pick-six to the house as Phillips will do a great job forcing Cam Newton into third-and-longs, making him a strict pocket-passer. That’s not what the Panthers offense thrives on.

It’s the one thing Newton has not yet been able to prove, nor has he had to. Can he drop-back and be a pure pocket-passer against the likes of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware in straight passing situations?

Peyton Manning will enjoy that storybook ending just as his boss John Elway did. Elway received that help from Terrell Davis and the running game, while Manning will get it in the form of Talib and the defense.

Vincent Rapisardi

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorvince2Carolina Panthers 31, Denver Broncos 20

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

Carolina has been known to take early leads, and if that trend continues I find it hard to see Peyton Manning and Denver’s offense coming from behind. All Carolina in this one.

Chris Wengert

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorchris10Carolina Panthers 27, Denver Broncos 14

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

My heart says Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will end this the right way. My head says Cam Newton’s mobility will prove to be the difference int he game against a tough Denver defense.

Bryan Pol

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorbryanCarolina Panthers 31, Denver Broncos 21

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

While I am rooting for Peyton Manning to win his second Super Bowl and equal his brother Eli, Cam Newton and the Carolina offense, lead by Greg Olsen and Jonathan Stewart, will prove too dynamic for the Broncos’ pass rush, especially since the Panthers feature a running game that will force Von Miller and Demarcus Ware to mind the rush despite their efforts to spin another masterpiece managed by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

Cam is too mobile and will be behind a substantially better offensive line, lead by Ryan Kahlil, than Tom Brady worked with against Denver in the AFC title game. Josh Norman will be able to neutralize either Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas, while Luke Kuechly will help take away the middle of the field and further diminish Peyton’s ability to utilize tight end Owen Daniels, whom Manning was able to use to such great effect two weeks ago.

Head coach Ron Rivera will have the Panthers full of confidence and guide them to their eighteenth win and first Super Bowl title.

Look for Cam to factor mightily in this one by tallying three touchdowns (two by the pass, one by the rush) to go with over 300 yards in the air and on the ground behind a full team effort from the Panthers.

As noted, Carolina’s running game will limit the vaunted Denver pass rush, something the Broncos did not face against Pittsburgh and New England. In tomorrow’s golden game, Carolina will “Keep Pounding” the way Seattle did against Denver two years ago, leaving Peyton empty-handed for the third Super Bowl in a row.

Unfortunately for Bronco fans, Peyton does not have an Elway-esque effort in him for what will likely be his final game in the NFL. A top-flight effort from Cam Newton, a la Russell Wilson of these past two years, will further galvanize the importance of having a hybrid quarterback to win on the strength of his arm and the nimble quality of his feet.

Jeff Weisinger

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorjeff1Carolina Panthers 35, Denver Broncos 24

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

Maybe it’s that whole passing of the torch thing, and I’m probably going to be wrong here, however Denver hasn’t seen anything like the Carolina offense this season.

Peyton is also just 1-2 against teams and QBs making their Super Bowl debut. I expect Carolina to fire out of the gate, but look for Denver to come out strong in the second half against a Carolina defense that, for the most part, gets a little relaxed in the second half.

Justin Weiss

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorjustinCarolina Panthers 35, Denver Broncos 17

MVP: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR-CAR)

While Denver’s defense has impressively halted some of the league’s most explosive offensive attacks, Carolina will prove that their 15-1 record was no fluke, with Cam Newton and Ted Ginn Jr. leading the way.

Skylar Darel

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorskylarCarolina Panthers 27, Denver Broncos 10

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

Cam is 3-0 against top 5 defenses this season. Despite having a banged up secondary, Carolina’s front seven is fantastic, and will trouble an ineffective Peyton Manning all night long.

This season has been all about Cam and Carolina, and it’s only fitting that their final game of the season follow the example set by the rest of the campaign: defensive excellence, phenomenal coaching, and above all, a transcendent quarterback in Cam Newton, who will be dabbing his way to MVP honors for both the NFL and the Super Bowl.

Corey Aron

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorcoreyDenver Broncos 25, Carolina Panthers 21

MVP: Aqib Talib (CB-DEN)

Nothing like having little brother Eli Manning provide advice on how to drive down the field on four occasions in one half on this Carolina Panthers defense.

William Chase

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorwilliamCarolina Panthers 27, Denver Broncos 20

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

The Denver Broncos defense will be able to contain the Carolina Panthers for the most part, but in the end it’ll Cam Newton who makes the difference when it’s needed most.

Patrick Brewer

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorpatrickbrewerCarolina Panthers 24, Denver Broncos 20

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

Just as it went in 15 of the 16 regular season games, and both playoff games to this point, NFL MVP Cam Newton will lead his Carolina Panthers to their first Super Bowl Championship.

Peyton Manning will put up a commendable fight but it won’t be enough. The Denver Broncos actually will lead for much of the game, but a fourth quarter comeback by Cam brings the Panthers over the top.

David Hong

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authordavidDenver Broncos 20, Carolina Panthers 17

MVP: Von Miller (OLB-DEN)

Defense wins championships and the Denver Broncos defense was clearly the best all season. I know the Carolina Panthers may have the best all-around offense with Cam Newton being able to run and throw effectively, but the Broncos defense is also a great all-around unit with pass rushing linebackers in Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware. Not to mention a tough secondary with the likes of T.J. Ward and Chris Harris. Plus, Wade Phillips is a great mind and could have some unusually smart strategies to stop the Panthers. Panthers offense has been on all year but this is definitely the toughest defense they’ll face all season. It’ll be close, but once again, just like they did against the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, it’ll be the Denver defense who comes through in the end securing Peyton’s second ring.

Jay Travers

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorjayDenver Broncos 17, Carolina Panthers 10

MVP: Peyton Manning (QB-DEN)

Peyton Manning’s (probable) last game will be one of the toughest he has ever played. It will be a close game, but Manning comes out on top in the end and rides into the sunset like his boss did close to two decades ago.

Connor Orchard

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorconnorDenver Broncos 23, Carolina Panthers 17

MVP: Peyton Manning

I’ll be completely honest, I know absolutely nothing about football. So, having said that, I like happy endings and seeing as though this is Manning’s last game, it would be nice to see him pick up a ring. As an added bonus I’ll throw in the fact I like the color orange.

This person knows futbol, not football.

Jeremy Fialkow

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorjeremy1Carolina Panthers 27, Denver Broncos 21

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

The real loser here is Brock Osweiler.

The Carolina Panthers electric offense led by Super Cam has exactly what it takes to confuse and torment the Denver Broncos historic defense. In the end, Peyton Manning will play well, keep it close, but ultimately fall short.

Athony Sciarratta

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authoranthonysciarratta1Carolina Panthers 20, Denver Broncos 17

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

The Carolina Panthers are going to take advantage of the Denver Broncos’ lackluster offense.

Peyton Manning just isn’t the same quarterback that he used to be. He will struggle mightily against the Panthers’ pass rush. Cam Newton is going to have a very shaky game, but come up in the clutch with a game winning drive.

The Panthers are the only team in the NFL that would be able to ruin what could be Manning’s final going away party.

Derek Ackley

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorgenericCarolina Panthers 31, Denver Broncos 17

MVP: Cam Newton (QB-CAR)

Denver has a long history of not sealing the deal. This is the year of the Panther, they have been on the prowl all season long and have shown no signs of slowing down.

Patrick Toby

Super Bowl 50: Elite Sports NY Staff Picks National  1authorgenericDenver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 20

MVP: Peyton Manning (QB-DEN)

Peyton Manning will show his greatness in the last game of his historic career. Watch for Carolina to come out too confident. The lack of real weapons surrounding Cam Newton will finally catch up to them on the biggest stage of the season.

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